Justin Irving and Mark Strauss: Leadership in Christian Perspective

Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Practices for Servant Leaders

Leadership in Christian Perspective: Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Practices for Servant Leaders
(Baker Academic, 2019)

WHO: Justin Irving, professor of ministry leadership and director of the DMin program at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Mark Strauss, Professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary San Diego.

THEY SAY: “The radical premise behind the empowering leadership model is that the goal of leadership is not to promote the position, power, status, influence—or even the agenda—of the human leader. It is to accomplish God’s purpose in the world.”

THE BIG IDEA: Integrating research in leadership studies with biblical reflection on leadership, this exploration of leadership practices outlines the movement away from leader-centered models toward an increased focus on followers.

Part 1, “Beginning with Authentic and Purposeful Leaders,” discusses engaging in honest collaboration and fostering collaboration between leaders and followers.
Part 2, “Understanding the Priority of People,” emphasizes the importance for leaders to value and appreciate their followers and to understand relational skills and individuality.
Part 3, “Navigating Toward Effectiveness,” helps leaders see why communicating, providing accountability, and supporting and resourcing their followers is key to empowering leadership.

“By beginning with authentic leaders, this is a basis for understanding the priority of people and navigating the team to effective mission accomplishment.”

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