Telford Work: Jesus—the End and the Beginning

Tracing the Christ-Shaped Nature of Everything

Jesus—the End and the Beginning
(Baker, 2019)

WHO: Telford Work, professor of theology at Westmont College.

HE SAYS: “The answer does have to be Jesus. But the answer doesn’t have to be trite. It doesn’t have to be idealized or forced. It can be shown.”

THE BIG IDEA: Christians need to have a deeper appreciation of Jesus as their center of everything. This book explores the connections between Jesus—the Alpha and Omega—and our lives, communities, nations, the human race, the world, the people of Israel and God.

After introducing the core concepts the book will explore, the author begins by exploring the development at theology’s heart: Jesus ends and begins God. He then describes the change in our world through Jesus, the ushering out of the old life and the brining in of the new.
The next chapters looks at how Jesus’ coming brought humanity a new life characterized by the Holy Spirit, how it affected the world and Israel in particular, and how his life and death impact our lives.

“What has Christ begun in me? And what am I either encouraging to grow and mature, or trying to prevent him from bringing to life?”

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