Shane Claiborne and Michael Martin: Beating Guns

Hope for People Who Are Weary of Violence

Beating Guns
(Brazos Press, 2019)

WHO: Shane Claiborne, founder of The Simple Way and executive director of Red Letter Christians, and Michael Martin, founder and executive director of RAWtools.

THEY SAY: “Turning swords into plows reorients how we do life. We move from instant gratification to seasonal patience.”

THE BIG IDEA: This examination of gun violence in America is paired with a call to choose life and peace.

Filled with tributes to those killed in recent mass shootings, informational graphics and interesting pictures, this book is divided into 18 chapters that provide a look back at the history of guns in America and where we are at today. The authors call on Christians to be pro-life in every aspect of life.

“The gun and the cross offer us two very different versions of what power looks like. One is willing to kill. And one is willing to die.”

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