Curtis Heffelfinger: The Peace Making Church

The Peace Making Church
(Baker, 2018)

WHO: Curtis Heffelfinger, who has served in pastoral ministry for more than 30 years.

HE SAYS: “Even a church and pastor with a self-confessed core value of peacemaking can come dangerously close to losing the battle on the unity front. It takes pastors and people alike committed with bulldog tenacity to nothing short of do-your-best guarding of church peace.”

THE BIG IDEA: This book offers eight biblical keys to resolve conflict and promote unity in the church.

Part 1, “Embracing the Priorities That Preserve Unity in Jesus’ Church,” examines our approach, thinking and view of ourselves as peace makers in the right way. Part 2, “Avoiding the Pitfalls That Threaten Unity in Jesus’ Church,” looks at the how’s, where’s and why’s of settling disputes, and Part 3, “Mastering the Practices That Foster Unity in Jesus’ Church,” discusses preventing relational disputes and honoring spiritual leaders for their exceptional work.

“When followers of Jesus embrace the priorities that preserve unity, avoid the pitfalls that threaten unity, and master the practices that foster unity, they can expect to reap rewards and savor pleasures reserved for their excellence in guarding oneness in the church.”

“As you’ll see throughout this book, Curt is adept at identifying and applying Scripture in winsome and practical ways to the many types of tensions and conflicts that plague human relationships, especially in the church. Most importantly, Curt loves the gospel of Christ and realizes that it provides the motive, the method, and the power for peacemaking.”
—from the foreword by Ken Sande, founder of Peacemaker Ministries and Relational Wisdom 360

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Curtis Heffelfinger
Curtis Heffelfinger

Curtis Heffelfinger has served in pastoral ministry for more than thirty years. He has written for Tabletalk magazine and served on the steering committee for the Orlando chapter of the Gospel Coalition.