theological education

The State of Theological Education

A majority of evangelical schools have been forced to make dramatic changes.

United Theological Seminary Adds Mosaix House of Studies

Houses of study at United equip students for service in the communities, movements and denominations where they serve.

Seminary Next

How seminaries are innovating to more effectively train the next generation of church leaders.

Seminary: All Things to All Students

How seminaries are adapting to the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s church.

Connecting Students to Ministry: What’s Trending in Seminary Education

"We have multiple, full-time staff members whose job it is to build a network of churches as well as other ministries."

How to Fix Our Seminaries

Interest in the three-year Master of Divinity degree is declining. Here are some potential reasons why and what to do about it.

Equipping Lifelong Learners: What’s Trending in Seminary Education

Leaders, having received a theological master’s degree, often realize they were trained for a world that no longer exists.

Seminary Trends: Responding to Church and Cultural Change

"There was a time when education for some meant moving and uprooting their family. Today, none of that is necessary."

Seminary Trends: Developing Diverse Leadership

Faculty are equipped to consider how their disciplines need to be taught considering the growing diversity in North America.

Combatting Biblical Illiteracy: What’s Trending in Seminary Education

"There was a time when one could assume some level of base knowledge, but that is no longer the case."