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3 Startling Stats That Reveal How Much the Church Has Changed This Year

The surprising trends that signal where the church is headed

Is Bivocational Better?

The Challenges and Benefits of Bivocational Ministry

3 Disagreement Traps to Avoid

More than a few of us fall into traps of incivility that do not represent Jesus Christ well.

Americans’ Diverse Views on Religion More Opinion Than Fact

More than half of Americans say religious beliefs are a matter of personal opinion, not objective facts. And that’s made clear by examining the varying, and sometimes...

Rules of Incivility

3 Disagreement Traps to Avoid

Church Growth in the Year of COVID

Throw out the playbook, not the mission.

Research: How Well Do Churchgoers Understand the Bible?

Most churchgoers are comfortable addressing others' doubts, but still feel gaps in their understanding of the Bible.

Research: 1 in 5 Churches May Close Due to Pandemic

Sixty-five percent of churches have seen a giving decrease since mid-March as churches stopped holding in-person services.

What Americans Miss About the Gospel

What we can learn from new research and an ancient text