What Are the 10 Neediest Cities in America?

Hunger, poverty and homelessness affect every nation, which provides churches the opportunity to minister in Jesus’ name.

According to Feeding America, food insecurity plagues every U.S. county, with 40 million individuals lacking access to adequate food. The U.S. Census Bureau reports 12.3 percent of the population lives in poverty. And in the absence of more affordable housing or accommodations provided by relatives or friends, many people become homeless.

WalletHub recently compared a selection of U.S. cities based on 27 key indicators of economic disadvantage, such as child poverty, food insecurity and uninsured rates, to see where the most needs are. Here are the top 10 U.S. cities in need:

Newark, New Jersey
Memphis, Tennessee
Los Angeles
Jackson, Mississippi
Little Rock, Arkansas
St. Louis
New Orleans

How can your church help? Go to outreachmagazine.com/Ideas. To read the full report and its ranking of 182 U.S. cities, visit WalletHub.com.

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