The Essential Guide to Reopening Your Church

Throughout her history, the church has developed in response to major global events, and today is no different. Churches have experienced so many adjustments in such a short period of time. Individuals, families, communities, even entire nations, have all been impacted in real and lasting ways.

Although we do not know exactly what life will be like after the dust settles from this pandemic, we do recognize that we will be living in a new state of normalcy. As you pursue reopening your church, we desire to help your church navigate into this “new normal” in a manner that will strengthen your ministry impact.

The Essential Guide to Reopening Your Church Post-COVID-19 provides resources to help you prayerfully reflect on where your church is today, assess the possibilities of what tomorrow may look like, and develop thoughtful plans for living on mission while reopening your church doors to your community.

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