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Small Group Studies

Muslims, Christians and Jesus

Carl Medearis: A DVD-based study

It’s Not Too Late

Tony Evans: How God Uses Less Than Perfect People

Undaunted (Study Guide and DVD)

Christine Caine: Daring to Do What God Calls You to Do

The Sycamore Approach

DVD and Workbook

Helping Men Discover a New Definition of Success

Colt McCoy and Matt Carter: "The real win for a man is built on two simple but strategic components—who you trust and who you serve."

Making God Known (small group study)

Grep Laurie's Four Weeks to Successful Evangelism

Zondervan Offers a Free Study on the Themes of the Bible

Trace the Themes is a six-week Bible study free for order or download, based on the new NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible.

The Reason for God (DVD and Discussion Guide)

Timothy Keller: Conversations on Faith and Life

Chris Surratt: Leading Small Groups

How to Gather, Launch, Lead and Multiply Your Small Group

Engaging Post-Christian Culture (DVD and Participant’s Guide)

Q Society Room: Our Mission in a New Context