Leading What You Didn’t Start

A conversation with Tyler Reagin About succession

Jay Y. Kim: Analog Church

Why We Need Real People, Places, and Things in the Digital Age (IVP Praxis)

Working Within the Limits of a Pastor’s Time and Energy

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5 keys to leading in uncertain times

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The Story of Your Life, One Decision at a Time

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Daniel Harkavy: Leadership in Uncertain Times—Part 1

"A leader’s effectiveness is determined by just two things: the decisions they make and the influence they have."

The Crucible of Change

What is needed to become a leader with the resilience to lead congregational and organizational change in a rapidly changing, completely disrupted world?

Daniel Harkavy: 7 Perspectives That Shape Leadership—Part 2

"If you continue to operate like you always have, chances are you could hold the church back. The best leaders are the most humble, hungry, lifelong learners."

Why Stress Makes a Leader

Excerpted from 'Tempered Resilience' (IVP) by Tod Bolsinger