pastoral counseling

Why Pastors Have a Unique Responsibility to Counsel

Counseling is part of the pastoral job
women in leadership

How Women Rise

Am I willing to get uncomfortable, to be corrected, to make mistakes? If not, my rising is only for me, and not for all women.
group culture

How a Group’s Culture Affects Your Leadership

Excerpted from 'Big Results Leadership' (B&H Books)

The Value of a Small Church

Landon DeCrastos: In an age when so many pastors spend much of their time looking for the next new thing, it seemed foreign to encounter a ministry that didn’t try to fix something that wasn’t broken simply to put more rumps in the seats. There was something intensely spiritual about the experience.

4 Easy Ways to Create Joyful Engagement

Jim Wilder and Marcus Warner: There are at least four practical ways leaders can create joyful engagement in the people they lead. We know we have succeeded in this task when we hear people say things like, “I sure like this team and what we do.” To build this kind of engagement we need to practice the four Ps.

Care for Your Soul: Prayer and Fasting

Excerpted from 'What Great Ministry Leaders Get Right' (Moody Publishers)

Pastors and the Disability Experience

Excerpted from 'Disability' by Brian Brock

The Benefits of Collaborative Leadership

6 ways plurality serves the church

Richard Stearns: The Case for Values-Driven Leadership

"Most of the things you are likely to achieve in your career are not going to be impressive to God. God is impressed with your character, with your faithfulness."

Pastoring as Conducting

Excerpted from 'Small Preaching' (Lexham Press)