rebuild the church

Starting Over

As we rebuild from the pandemic, these three principles are precisely what pastors need to remember.
prayer life

What Your Church Needs More Than Productivity

We wrongly assume that prayer is somehow akin to procrastination—putting off the work. The truth is, prayer is a necessary part of the work.
edison lab

Creating an Edison Laboratory for Your Ministry

Lessons from Thomas Edison’s Life Can Help the Church Today
culture shockvideo

Culture Shock in the Church

Keeping our heads in a culture of constant change.
new generation of leaders

Developing a Leadership Pipeline

Raising up future leaders from inside the four walls of the church.
leadership influence

Increasing Your Leadership Influence by Listening

Being a humble listener is a skill all leaders need to develop.
change comes knocking

When Change Comes Knocking at the Church Door

Change should be seen as a positive antidote to reclaim the church's health for future generations.
new year

3 Ways to Rebound in a New Year

2022 is shaping up to be a year of light if churches are willing to embrace the new realities set before them.
loving people like jesus

Four Obstacles to Loving People Like Jesus Did

Jesus saw every obstacle as a unique opportunity to love someone intentionally, and when he did this Jesus changed the world one at a time.
church revitalization

Leading Your Church into an Era of Renewed Optimism

If God can save any person, he can save any church.