No Opportunity Wasted

Joseph Walker III: The Art of Execution

No Opportunity Wasted
The Art of Execution
(Heritage Publishing, 2018)

WHO: Joseph Walker III, senior pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee.

HE SAYS: “As you execute vision, remember that it requires you to perform at optimal capacity. When you do that, you are ready to seize every opportunity that is in alignment with your purpose, and you can consistently live a life producing results.”

THE BIG IDEA: To be successful in ministry, business and life, you can identify and take advantage of what is around you to achieve your goals as long as you follow six stages of purpose.

Bishop Walker shares in 12 chapters how he grew his church from 175 members to over 30,000 people. He outlines his six stages of purpose: predestined, passion, purpose, preparation, positioning and producer. He specifically covers such topics as how to discern the moment when you can start to activate your vision, why creating a NOW (No Opportunity Wasted) culture is essential, and how to set and keep standards in order for your relationships to be successful. Combining insights from ministry and business, this book lays out how readers can adopt and pursue a vision with similar success.

“Executing vision means you are completely engaged in the process and not a bystander. As the visionary, listen attentively, study voraciously and act courageously so that everything you hope to accomplish comes to pass.”

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