The Minister as Moral Theologian

Sondra Wheeler: Ethical Dimensions of Pastoral Leadership

The Minister as Moral Theologian
Ethical Dimensions of Pastoral Leadership
(Baker Academic, 2017)

WHO: Sondra Wheeler, Martha Ashby Carr Professor of Christian ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary.

SHE SAYS: “Recognizing the profound link between moral performance and spiritual practice will help ministers to develop patterns of life and sustain virtues that will protect them and those they serve.”

THE BIG IDEA: Pastors need to integrate ethical preaching, teaching and counsel with their own moral and spiritual life.

This book first discusses how pastors teach and model Christian ethics followed by suggestions on how this can be done more consciously and constructively in preaching, teaching and offering pastoral care.
The author concludes by discussing the challenges as well as the important opportunities created by the de facto role model aspect of ministry.

“You will need grace to become a minister not just in title and role but in heart and life. And since holiness is a path, not a fixed state, this is always an ongoing journey.”

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“Sondra Wheeler aids the reader in creating a theologically informed ethic that can guide the leader’s teaching, counseling, preaching and lifestyle.”

Evaluated by Bob Whitesel, a speaker, coach, professor and author of 13 books.

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