Celebrities, Depression and the Fear of Death

The Final Curtain
Fame, Fortune and Futile Lives
(New Leaf Press, 2018)

WHO: Ray Comfort, founder of Living Waters Publications.

HE SAYS: “The Bible speaks of having a strong confidence in God, and the more confidence or trust I have in him, the less fear I will have thinking about dying now and when death comes.”

THE BIG IDEA: The author profiles several well-known celebrities who either committed suicide or who have battled depression in order to demonstrate that fear—especially the fear of death—can be the cause of depression.

The author dedicates a chapter to each celebrity he profiles, such as Michael Jackson, Carrie Fisher, Robin Williams and Rita Ora. He also includes discussion questions and biblical stories.

“We are surrounded by a world that lives in a secret despair. They are looking for light. Do more than smile. Love them. Reach out to them with the gospel.”

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Ray Comfort
Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort is founder of Living Waters Publications.