Walking Through Infertility

Matthew Arbo: Biblical, Theological, and Moral Counsel for Those Who Are Struggling

Walking Through Infertility
Biblical, Theological, and Moral Counsel for Those Who Are Struggling
(Crossway, 2018)

WHO: Matthew Arbo, assistant professor of theological studies and director of the Center for Faith and Public Life at Oklahoma Baptist University.

HE SAYS: “The God who breathes creation itself into being has in Christ reaffirmed creation, and in him is life.”

THE BIG IDEA: This book addresses the biblical, theological, and moral questions surrounding infertility in order to instruct and encourage the church. God has not forsaken the infertile but has instead given them a slightly different way of being family, and thus participating in the life and mission of God.

The book begins by recalling some of the Bible’s infertility narratives to reveal that God cares about fertility and to discern what his caring means. The second chapter, “Christian Discipleship and Human Affection,” grapples with the question of how understanding discipleship illumine our thinking about infertility.
Chapter 3 explores the vitality and consoling support the church can offer while the final chapter offers a clear, brief assessment of a few reproductive therapies and treatments from a moral point of view.

“This book is for infertile couples at all stages, from first worry to full acceptance, and for anyone who wishes to better understand the experience of infertility and to minister to those in the midst of pain.”

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