What About Kids Ministry?

What About Kids Ministry?
Practical Answers to Questions About Kids Ministry
(B&H, 2018)

WHO: Bill Emeott, lead childhood ministry specialist for LifeWay Christian Resources.

HE SAYS: “The little things really do mean a lot. There are lots of plates to spin in kids ministry.”

THE BIG IDEA: Through a series of questions and answers, this book presents some of the most authoritative voices in kids ministry today in order to give pastors the basics.
Part 1, “Where Do I Start?” discusses the importance of defining a ministry philosophy, writing a mission statement, developing goals and values and communicating well. Part 2, “Do the Details Matter?” dives into ministry specifics, including administrative tasks and defined roles.
”What Tools Do I Need?” is Part 3 and looks at everything from VBS to camps to curriculum. Part 4, “Do I Have to Do This Alone?” talks about developing volunteers and teams.
Part 5, “Are All Kids Like This?” is an examination of teaching methods and behavior differences while Part 6, “What Is God’s Plan for Kids” digs into sharing the gospel in your kids ministry.
Part 7, “Wait, I Minister to Families Too?” looks at today’s families while Part 8, “What About the Hard Stuff?” looks at ministering in difficult situations.
The two final sections, “How Can We all Get Along?” and “What About Me?” discuss juggling relationships in ministry and balancing life in ministry.

This one-stop resource for kids ministry offers quick answers to everyday questions, issues and ministry struggles.

“The nuts and bolts of your ministry really do matter. Starting with a good foundation and a well-thought-out plan makes all the difference.”

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Bill Emeott
Bill Emeott

Bill Emeott is Lead Ministry Specialist for LifeWay Kids.