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Delegation Must Include Details

If you want to create a long-term relationship with individuals who will execute large tasks for you, it is going to come down to your ability to provide details for delegation rather than dumping.

Vulnerability Is the Key to Community

To be vulnerable means that you are putting yourself in a position of defenselessness and putting yourself in a position to be hurt. You are opening yourself up to being hurt by being honest and transparent about your failings, your flaws, and your fears.

What Can We Learn From Children’s Ministry in Ecuador?

"When a child’s life is being changed for good, it’s natural for the parents to be willing to help out. "

How to Disciple Families in a Multiethnic Lifestyle

Children learn about multiethnic relationships from their parents. Here are ways to model healthy relationships.

4 Reasons You Should Consider Teaching or Volunteering in Kids Ministry

There are so many reasons why volunteering for children's ministry is a great decision. Here are just a few.

3 Ways to Teach a Bible Story to Children

The most natural place for children’s ministry teachers to begin is to look at a Bible story and think about what models should be followed—or avoided.

How We Unintentionally Stunt Church Kids’ Growth

When we protect our kids from every type of risk, we inhibit their growth.

6 Online Kids’ Ministry Options You Need to Know About

Online resources to keep your kids engaged and edified