Judy Cha

Who You Are
Zondervan Reflective, 2023
By Judy Cha

WHO: Judy Cha, director of Redeemer Counseling Services, a ministry of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.

SHE SAYS: “When Christ Becomes a real person in our lives as we internalize the gospel, our preoccupation with ourselves and our subsequent striving for an identity will gradually diminish.”

THE BIG IDEA: Using the Gospel-Centered Integrative Framework for Therapy, the author shows that the gospel is the only thing that sets us free from the verdict of sin

THE PROGRESSION: “What Is Wrong With Us?,” Part 1 in this book, looks at how we struggle with our identity, our wounds and our sins. In Part 2, “What Can Make Us Right?” she explores how the gospel along with grieving and accepting our pain can lead us toward wholeness. The book concludes with “Internalizing the Gospel,” which looks at knowing our story, connecting with others and connecting with God.

“When shame is met with grace, it loses its power to define who we are.”