Skye Jethani

What If Jesus Was Serious About Heaven?
Brazos Press, 2023
By Skye Jethani

WHO: Skye Jethani, cohost of the Holy Post podcast.

HE SAYS: “The process of redrawing your mental map of heaven will require you to rethink long-held assumptions, question previously unquestioned beliefs, and learn to read familiar passages from the Bible with new eyes.”

THE BIG IDEA: Featuring hand-drawn illustrations, this book shows what Jesus says about heaven and how it can transform our faith.

THE PROGRESSION: In this guide, the author goes step by step to look at Jesus’ actual words about heaven as opposed to what we have learned from church tradition or Christianese.

“When we come to embrace Jesus’ map of heaven, we will discover that it works so much better than the one we’ve inherited from popular Christian culture.”