Michael Reeves

Evangelical Pharisees
Crossway, 2023
By Michael Reeves

WHO: Michael Reeves, president and pastor of theology at Union School of Theology in Brigend and Oxford. 

HE SAYS: “Pharisaism was—and remains—a primarily theological issue.”

THE BIG IDEA: This book challenges Christians to reject legalism that masquerades as devout religion but hides destructive pride, idolatry and even apostasy. 

THE PROGRESSION: This book is short—only five chapters—but it packs a punch in dealing with the issue of hypocrisy in today’s church by examining the ways the Pharisees were mistaken in their understanding of three essential points of the gospel: the Father’s revelation in the Bible, the Son’s redemption in the gospel, and the spirit’s regeneration in our hearts

“The glory of God in the face of Christ has always been the lodestar or guiding light of reformation and refreshment in the church.”