Vital Church Resources

Consultants & Ministries

Building Church Leaders

Assessments, resources and an online community for leadership

Change Without Compromise

Pastors conference hosted by NorthRidge Church

Church Central

Blogs, articles, videos, products and training

Church Growth Inc.

Consulting, products and seminars to facilitate church growth

Church Health Profile

Online church health survey

Church Wellness

Events, articles and reports on nurturing a healthy church

ChurchSmart Resources

Tools for church planting, church health and leadership development

Dual Reach

Training, consulting and resources to help churches strategically impact the world

Ephesians Four Ministries: Church Growth Institute

Products and tools for various church ministries

Finishing the Task

Churches starting spiritual movements everywhere—churches and missions partner together to take the Good News to the world’s remaining 6,000 unreached people groups

Lay Renewal Ministries

Events and workshops, congregational renewal, master planning, resourcing and equipping, leadership development

Ministry Advantage

Customized coaching, predesigned ministry systems and workshops

Sauls Consulting Services

Stewardship campaigns, pastoral / staff coaching and networking with church loan organizations and contractors

21st Century Strategies Inc.

Consultants, seminars, training, coaching, resources, secret shoppers


Articles—Church Health & Revitalization

“Different Paths to a Common Goal: Healthy, Revitalized Churches Making Disciples” by Boyce Bowdon

“Existing Church Revitalization” by East Kansas UMC

Revitalization Series (2007) by James Merritt

“Stirring the Waters” series on church revitalization by Ed Stetzer


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