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5 Ways Men Can Get Their Spiritual Drive Back

How to be a better spiritual leader for your family.

Prayer Is a Gateway to Evangelism

Paying attention to the needs around us can lead to opportunities that begin with prayer.

5 Reasons Prayer Can Be Challenging

And How to Break Through

5 Ways to Deepen Your Prayer Life

What to do when you feel like your prayers are hitting the ceiling and you’re just going through the motions.

Praying for our Personal Needs

Bread was, when Jesus first gave us this way to pray, the staple of life. The very basic element of every meal. And yet even this, Jesus reminds us, we cannot really provide for ourselves. And though we might have bread in our pantry today, praying for our daily bread is one of the means by which we pursue humility.

10 Instances When We Need to Do More Than Pray

Prayer doesn’t absolve us from action.

When Prayer Is Contagious

There is something that touches heaven and moves the heart of the Father when we align together in prayer, in agreement with God’s will.

Keeping Up With the Harvest

At every sermon, people are invited to receive Christ, regardless of the numbers present. Moses also says that changing his prayer life changed the ministry. God asked him to spend more time in prayer.