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Report: What We Know About the Post-COVID Church

Church leaders were of one mind in regard to the Catch-22 COVID presented. No matter what they did, what they said, or how they responded, someone was going to be angry or upset and leave.

After the Tornado

Among young people ages 18-29, one in three say they go to church less than they did pre-pandemic. Before COVID, 30% of adults under the age of 30 did not attend religious services. By the Spring of 2022, that had risen to 43%.

Serving Together

We often think about service as something we as a church do. But there are people in your community who are ready to join in if you organize it and are not concerned about who gets the credit.

Why Your Current Attendance Is the New Normal

6 reasons the people who left aren’t coming back

Time for a New Beginning

The Church Needs a Revival of Reconnection

5 Insights About the Post-COVID Church

The pandemic has permanently changed the way we think about church.