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Envisioning the Post-Virus Church

If we are to extend the hope of the world, we must understand how the world is changing.

The Antifragile Church

What does it really mean that the church exists for mission?

How to Prepare for Leadership in the Post-COVID Season

What will leadership look like when the pandemic restrictions are lifted?

5 Essential Elements Needed as We Reinvent Church

It’s possible that the church will change more in one year than it has in the last 50 years. I know that can be frustrating...

Pivot Your Church Calendar Planning

For many churches, planning for the year is a big deal and requires a lot of time plus energy. If you or your church...

What’s Next for the Church?

You can shut the building, but you can't stop the church.

Time for a New Normal

This pandemic has shaken the world—so much sickness, death and economic destruction. Our first concern should be the hurting, but we eventually do need...

What Did We Learn From This COVID-19 Season?

Why we cannot go back to business as usual.