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Christians on Social Media

The powerfully influential culture found online denies the Creator’s design and, because it does, cannot ultimately work.

Paul David Tripp: Reactivity

We desperately need something in our lives that can cut through all the noise of all the opinions, help us to think correctly and respond appropriately to the things that we are now facing.

Why No Prayer Is Too Weak

God is not limited by the level of our faith.

Battling the Unholy Trinity of Our Sinful Nature

Hoping in the Divine Trinity for victory over sin

Working Within the Limits of a Pastor’s Time and Energy

Excerpted from 'Lead' (Crossway) by Paul David Tripp

Why Leaders Never Stop Learning

No one gives grace better than a person who recognizes a need for it themselves.

6 Ways to Fight the Debilitating Power of Doubt

You don't have to stay stuck in doubt. Here are ways to wage war on your doubts.

Understanding Pain in Light of Eternity

Pain often causes us to envy the apparent prosperity of others, but in those times we must remember our future hope.