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Ed Stetzer: A Look in the Mirror

The North American church needs to learn from our global brothers and sisters how to engage a culture unfamiliar with and even perhaps hostile to the gospel.

When Life Hands You Lemons

“When our church people started pulling up to these little lemonade stands, it generated a buzz,” says Lead Pastor Brent Wood, noting that families nearby wanted to know what was happening.

Churches Still Recovering From Pandemic Losses

More than 8 in 10 churches have an attendance of at least half of what it was prior to the pandemic.

Navigating the Aftermath of COVID as a Pastor

Reflecting on a difficult but God-blessed season of ministry

Research: How the Pandemic Changed Churchgoers’ Discipleship Habits

Churchgoers were less likely to be involved in small groups during the pandemic, but many added some digital and individual activities to their discipleship routines.

Responding to the Ravages of COVID in India

Shedding light on the incredible need for relief and the gospel

Navigating the Leadership Tug-of-War During the Pandemic

How to respond to the four types of opinions about returning to in-person worship

Is the Pandemic an Interruption or a Disruption?

4 ways to know if you are leading well through the pandemic.