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5 Keys for Cultivating a Multiethnic Church

Hint: It starts with noticing.

David Fitch

Let us examine the way power works and how the church is called to live under a different power.

Forged in the Crucible of Leadership

Leadership lessons from the world of blacksmithing

The Continuing Relevance and Legacy of John Stott

And why he continues to be an important voice today

Will This Season Be a Moment or a Movement for Justice?

"Our hope, then, must be marked by a courage which compels us to stand up amid apathy and violence and be counted among the disturbers of a false peace."

10 Attributes of Scripture-Informed Justice

This article originally appeared on MissioAlliance.org and is reposted here by permission. I don’t like the phrase “biblical justice.” Often, in my experience, it is a certain...

Why Unresolved Emotional Pain Is an Obstacle to Discipleship

How the emotional pain we haven't dealt with hinders our growth in Christlikeness

3 Practical Ways to Navigate Anxiety

How I deal with my anxiety and encourage others to do the same