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Keep Christianity Weird

Michael Frost: Embracing the Discipline of Being Different

Jesus Is Weirder Than You Remember

Jesus was not the placid messiah he is so often portrayed to be, so we should get comfortable with being weird.

The Change We Want to See

"Principled, ethical, incarnational life will reside somewhere between a riot and a cup of tea—that is, between separation and compromise."

To Alter Your World

Partnering with God to Rebirth Our Communities

Influencing the Culture From the Bottom Up

"Like an obnoxious weed, the people of God have sent roots out throughout the world, usually shaping history in a subversive way."

Michael Frost: Culture and Discipleship

“God is on the move, extending the reign of Jesus throughout culture and society, and it’s our job to join in with what God is doing.”

How to Surprise the World With the Gospel

"I don’t think every Christian is an evangelist, but I do think every Christian should be evangelistic."