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Multigenerational Mentoring

Contrary to popular belief, mentorship is not solely about imparting knowledge but about sharing wisdom gleaned from lived experiences.

God’s Will: How Others Have Found It

Don’t lean only on a spiritual gifts inventory. No inventory is enough to help us know how God wants to use us. It’s only one tool among many others to determine God’s will.

Leadership Lessons from Charles Stanley

Millions of people around the world were impacted by Dr. Stanley and learned from him over the course of his 60-plus years of ministry. We learned through his preaching and teaching.

Mentoring Can Be a Two-Way Street

While increasingly accepted and encouraged in the business world, I wish it was happening more in church world. Instead, I find many pastors and church leaders threatened by younger generations, often resulting in keeping them from pivotal leadership roles and opportunities of influence.

Gathering at the Table

As Jesus sat at the table of Zacchaeus, he, too, saw past the sinful nature. Instead, he saw a man in need. Put yourself in Zacchaeus' position, and then Jesus’.

Why We Need Mentors

We learn more through relationship than we ever do in the classroom.