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6 Ways Your Church Can Promote Mental Health

Connecting the ministries of your church to those who struggle with mental illness.

Depression, Faith and Medication

"Medication literally saved my life six years ago. And God knew that would be a part of my story long before I did."

When Suicide Hits the Pulpit: Advice to Pastors and Clergy

Excerpted from 'Hope Always' (Tyndale)

When You’re the One Struggling With a Mental Health Issue

Encouragement for those who are struggling

3 Powerful Tools for Battling Depression

Practical helps for people struggling with depression and anxiety

3 Biblical Tips for Beating a Depression Dip

I’m a fifth generation pastor, and still I was galvanized by anxiety, fear and depression for the first 25 years of my life. Mental...

Redefining Healing in the Context of Mental Health

Excerpted from Finding Jesus in the Storm (Eerdmans)