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Stay Here

“I don’t think we do a good job talking about depression, anxiety and suicide [in the church]. We need to have conversations with people and listen to their stories.” —Jonah Coyne

Mental Health Ministry as an Evangelism and Outreach Strategy

Why might the presence of common mental health conditions have such a dramatic impact on church attendance and engagement?

Teen Girls in Crisis

Nearly one in three high school girls have considered suicide, reflecting a 60% rise in the past decade. Nearly 15% have been forced to have sex. About six in 10 girls were so consistently sad or hopeless they stepped away from regular activities.

Navigating Injustice: A Closer Look at Race, Faith and Mental Health

Young BIPOC are slightly more religious than their White peers, with 37% reporting that they are moderately or very religious compared to 34% of White young people. Black young people report the highest rates of religiosity, with 46% indicating they are moderately or very religious.

Benefits of Being Physically Active

Over the course of a few months, you can go from couch potato to pastor who has better health, more energy, and greater strength to tackle everything that God has called you to. Strive for that.

Mental Health Issues and the Church

Most pastors have experience with mental illness in their congregations.

Stress Tops Mental Challenges Pastors Face

More pastors identify stress (31%) as their greatest mental challenge in ministry than any other challenge.

6 Ways Your Church Can Promote Mental Health

Connecting the ministries of your church to those who struggle with mental illness.