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How Western Christians Can Surrender Power With Grace and Humility

We are invited into the freedom that’s possible as power wanes—freedom not to be influential or important, freedom from defending things that were never ours to defend.

Nurturing the Pastor’s Soul

Mandy Smith: My Top 4 Books on Spiritual Formation

Why Testimony Is the Spark of Revival

"We’re so concerned about taming our tongues that we’ve forgotten that sometimes our call is to loosen them."

Speaking to the Pain of Women in the Church

The healing we receive allows us to speak healing to the church.

Overcome Discouragement, Embrace Adventure

We grow homesick on mission in a post-Christian world, but there is encouragement for those who embrace the adventure.

Leadership: 13th Annual Outreach Resources of the Year

Ryan T. Hartwig and Warren Bird: Five Disciplines of Collaborative Church Leadership