The Art of Outreach

In the May/June 2014 issue: Randy Frazee on Neighborhood Connections, Dave Gibbons on Ministry Out of Brokenness, the Outreach Interview with Erwin McManus and much more

Resources of the Year

In the March/April issue: The year's best books and media, the story of the BIble, rediscovering discipleship, and the Outreach interview: Francis Chan and David Platt

Nov/Dec 2010: Connection, Retention, Engagement

When the people own the vision

The 2009 Outreach 100

What can we learn from the Largest and Fastest-Growing Churches in America?

Collaborative Leadership

In the Sept/Oct 2015 Issue: Emotionally Healthy Leaderships, Teams That Thrive, Building a Vibrant Team, Leadership and the Culture War, Leading Well at Home and the Outreach Interview with Peter Scazzero

Directions in Outreach

Inside the Jan/Feb 2015 Issue Directions in Outreach Powerful forces are reshaping culture … and the church responds. In the church, the Spirit birthed a living organism. Growing, adapting, without changing its...

Resources of the Year

In the March/April 2015 issue: best resources for apologetics, evangelism, leadership and more; what's trending in multiethnic ministry, lessons from an unlikely church planter; and The Outreach Interview with David Platt

Nov/Dec 08: Poverty & Outreach

Is your church ready to respond to "the least of these"?

Evangelism and Grace

In the Nov/Dec 2014 issue: Kevin Harney on Evangelism, Naturally; Lance Ford on Being "Good News" People; Philip Yancey on Soul Thirst; Larry Osborne on Evangelism and Culture Warfare; and the Outreach Interview with Wilfredo "Choco" De Jesús

Evangelism (Nov/Dec 2011)

Stories of transformational faith and practical help for all who are passionate about the outreach of the church