Evangelism and Apologetics

Inside the Nov/Dec issue: James Choung on Evangelism, Mary Jo Sharp and Lee Strobel on Apologetics, How to Teach Evangelism, Thoughts on Local and Global Compassion, and the Outreach Interview with Ravi Zacharias

Evangelism and Discipleship – Look Inside the Nov/Dec 2015 Issue

Evangelism: Influence and Invitation, plus How to Plant a Multiplying Church, Pathways to Discipleship, an Optimistic Call to Justice and Evangelism, The Hillsong Experience and the Outreach interview with J.D. Greear

Nov/Dec 2010: Connection, Retention, Engagement

When the people own the vision

The 2015 Outreach 100 Issue

The Outreach Magazine/LifeWay Research Special Report on America's Fastest-Growing Churches, plus in-depth interviews with Craig Groeschel, Sergio De La Mora and Brian Tome; The Megachurch and America's Recovery Culture; Ideas for Retention and Much More

Sept/Oct 09: Youth Outreach

Finding and Keeping the Next Generation

The Art of Outreach

In the May/June 2014 issue: Randy Frazee on Neighborhood Connections, Dave Gibbons on Ministry Out of Brokenness, the Outreach Interview with Erwin McManus and much more

Evangelism and Grace

In the Nov/Dec 2014 issue: Kevin Harney on Evangelism, Naturally; Lance Ford on Being "Good News" People; Philip Yancey on Soul Thirst; Larry Osborne on Evangelism and Culture Warfare; and the Outreach Interview with Wilfredo "Choco" De Jesús

The 2014 Outreach 100

The Outreach Magazine/LifeWay Research Special Report on America's Fastest-Growing Churches, plus Building for Community, Learning From the International Church, 100 Church-Tested Ideas for Outreach, the Shane Farmer Interview and more

Outreach Resources of the Year (March/April 2012)

The year's best outreach-oriented books and media ... plus technology and the church and the Bobby Gruenewald interview

Small Church America

In the July/August 2014 issue: Small Church Profiles (Suburban, Rural and Urban); Think Like a Church Planter; Small Church and Church Planting Resources; Matt Chandler on a Passion for Church Planting and the Outreach Interview with David Fitch