The 2011 Outreach 100

The Outreach Magazine/LifeWay Research Special Report on the Largest and Fastest-Growing Churches in America, 2011 edition

Becoming Tomorrow's Church (Jan/Feb 2012)

A New Face for the Church, What Does Missional Look Like? and the Outreach Interview with Louie Giglio

Evangelism and Culture

In the Nov/Dec 2012 Outreach: What Ever Happened to Evangelism? Staying on Message (Larry Osborne), The Question of Evangelism, Compassionate Evangelism (Francis Chan), A Vision for the City (Tim Keller), Influencing Culture (Mark Batterson), and more

Collaborative Leadership

In the Sept/Oct 2015 Issue: Emotionally Healthy Leaderships, Teams That Thrive, Building a Vibrant Team, Leadership and the Culture War, Leading Well at Home and the Outreach Interview with Peter Scazzero

The Leadership Issue

In the Sept/Oct Outreach magazine: Learning from the Leaders: How 12 Approach the Challenges; Creating a Culture of Impassioned Volunteers; Making the Investment in 5 Leadership Essentials; and the Outreach interview with Andy Stanley

Jan/Feb 09: Innovation

25 Ideas and Trends Reshaping the American Church

Sept/Oct 2010: Global Outreach

New ways churches are discovering their global vision

May/June 09: Vital Church

Church health assessment, prescription for strength, stories of new life

July/Aug 2010: Small Church America

Diverse, Authentic, Creative: How smaller congregations are making an impact

10th Anniversary Issue

In the Jan/Feb 2013 issue: Enduring Ideas From 10 Years of Outreach, Emerging Leaders, Turnaround Churches, The Outreach Interview: Rick Warren, and more