Sept/Oct 2011: The Leadership Issue

Perspective from Wayne Cordeiro, Alan Hirsch, Craig Groeschel, Dave Gibbons, Larry Osborne, John Maxwell and more than 30 other leaders.

July/Aug 2011: Small Church America

The Equation of Success, The Big Challenge of Small, Voices From the Front Line

May/June 2011: The Culture and the Church

Flash Points in the Culture War

March/April 2011: Outreach Resources of the Year

The year's best outreach-oriented books and media

Jan/Feb 2011: Ideas and Innovations

Taking an unchanging message to an ever-changing world

Nov/Dec 2010: Connection, Retention, Engagement

When the people own the vision

The 2010 Outreach 100

The Outreach Magazine/LifeWay Research Special Report on the Largest and Fastest-Growing Churches in America, 2010 Edition

Sept/Oct 2010: Global Outreach

New ways churches are discovering their global vision

July/Aug 2010: Small Church America

Diverse, Authentic, Creative: How smaller congregations are making an impact

May/June 2010: Men's Outreach, Women's Outreach

Men and Women: Can the Church Connect? Culture shifts. Needs change. Old methods may be less effective. How are churches adapting? Men are missing in large numbers from America's congregations. Here's what some...