The Innovative Church

Inside the Jan/Feb issue: Erwin McManus on Imagining the Future, Larry Osborne on the messy side of innovation, 25 best ideas and the churches behind them, and the Outreach Interview with Gabe Lyons

Inside the Jan/Feb 2014 Issue

The Innovative Church

The church was born to innovate. That’s its nature. And how could it not be? It was inaugurated as a cross-cultural, intergenerational movement intended to circle the world and span the ages. Since its inception, 20 centuries have come and gone, yet the church persists, ever-new. Agile in the changing times. Fluid in the flow of culture. When the church innovates, then, for the sake of the gospel, is it simply revealing its essential nature, living up to what it is.

Of course, most church change is incremental, small-step stuff. Occasionally innovation unearths something fundamentally new. More often we merely adapt the good ideas of others to our own context, little by little.

In the pages of the January/February Outreach, Erwin McManus urges us to welcome the divine partnership as we create tomorrow. Larry Osborne gets real—innovation is rarely as tidy as we make it sound. Gabe Lyons reminds us of the call to effectively and redemptively engage culture. And, perhaps most importantly, two dozen churches share the big challenges that led to some of their best ideas. And may spark yours.

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Erwin McManus: Imagine Tomorrow

Moving from a “What Is” to a “What If”  culture … What if the church became the human incubator for creating the world’s best future? McManus invites you to dream … 

Larry Osborne: Messy Innovation

An Outreach magazine consulting editor and North Coast Church senion pastor talks about five common innovation mistakes … and a better way

From Outreach Magazine  Jan/Feb 2010: Ministry Breakthroughs

Big Challenge, Great Idea

Leaders talk about their churches’ best solutions in multisite strategy, multicultural ministry, church partnerships, community dream centers, mobilizing for mission and online innovations

Gabe Lyons: The Interview

The culture and the church … Lyons is convinced: the next wave of cultural influence will come from the pews, not the pulpit. So, how are we preparing?

ALSO: Tyler Wigg-Stevenson on compassion fatigue, the stirring of revival in New England, the agile and adaptive nature of the Spirit-led church, and much more

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