Small Church America

July/August 2012: Our 4th annual celebration of small highlights the innovations and opportunities, and calls for a renewed commitment to church planting.

Inside the July/August Issue

Small Church America

When it comes to intimacy, small churches have an edge, transforming the landscape of the American church. Larger, established churches are tending toward decline, losing by some estimates 2 percent per year, while young churches are surging—the American Church Research Project estimates 7 percent per year. It is telling that alert megachurch leaders are striving to capture the mojo of the small church experience.

Nimble and adaptable, intimate and connected, missional and, of necessity perhaps, innovative—the best of small church America is setting the pace for churches of all sizes. It’s not a uniformly rosy picture, of course, still churches may weaken and close. But out of the ashes, new churches rise. And they are thriving.

It is this irrepressible life we celebrate in the 4th annual Small Church America special issue.

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