The Outreach 100—A Look Inside the Sept/Oct 2019 Issue


This is the Outreach 100—far more than just a celebration of numbers. It’s the story of individuals finding new life, sometimes through the ministry of rapidly growing churches and sometimes through the strategic church-planting efforts of kingdom-minded churches of all sizes. It’s the story of some of the best things happening in ministry today in 100 of the Fastest-Growing, Largest and Reproducing Churches—a salute to church health and kingdom growth.

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From Florida’s Journey Church: “Our relationship with Christ has grown because we realized that it’s not just about us and what we take in Sunday after Sunday, but it’s about others,” volunteer Ivelisse Matamoros says. “We genuinely strive for others to come in and leave feeling new. Not only do I have that mentality on Sundays, but now every day I ask, ‘How can I help someone come to know Christ today?’” Journey Church grew by 123% last year.

From Arizona’s Christ Church: “My wife liked the ‘come as you are’ feeling, and I loved the message and the music. Before the sermon was half over, we both knew we were home,” says Ryan Andrews, an Arizona transplant from Maryland. Christ Church added 678 new attendees in the past year.

From Texas’ NorthWood Church: “Our goal is to get believers living the gospel on the grid of society and serving,” Senior Pastor Bob Roberts says. “We want to bring value through the kingdom of God to the community people are in and places we work in the world. Most people just want to go in and do religious work, but people don’t value when we show up doing religious work. But man, we start serving the city, they really value us. If church multiplication is based on bringing value to society, on the gospel of the kingdom of God, and on sharing the good news of Jesus, I think those churches will bring immeasurable value.” NorthWood has been involved in several autonomous church plants in the past year.

From South Dakota’s The Ransom Church: “Leaders often think that to be the best they must grow the church to be the biggest it can be,” Lead Pastor Phill Tague says. “But I’ve learned that it’s more important that I be a pastor equipper. No matter how fast you grow your church, you cannot reach the world. You can only reach the world when you equip the saints to be the body of Christ.” The Ransom Church is actively engaged in church planting as well as innovative ministries to the homeless, the incarcerated and those in recovery.

From Outreach Magazine  City on a Hill: Redemption Hill

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Fastest-Growing Churches in America
The List and the Stories of Grace
The Interview with Chad Fisher

Largest Churches in America
The List and the Candid Conversations
The Interview with Ray Johnston

Reproducing Churches in America
The List and the Profiles
The Interview with J.D. Greear
The Multiplying Church Challenge

PLUS: Max Lucado on the comparison trap, Alan Briggs on backstage leadership, Kevin Harney on big things in small places, Michelle Sanchez on exponential discipleship, and so much more.

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