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Difficult But Good: Hispanic Pastors Find Meaning in the Midst of Challenges

Eighty-three percent of Hispanic church pastors indicate their experiences in this role have led to personal spiritual growth.

Southern Baptists More Historic Than Nationalist in Political Posture

Around 3 in 5 members (58%) and leaders (62%) say the government should not favor any specific religion or religious belief, while around a third of members (36%) and leaders (33%) say the government should favor Christianity.

Southern Baptists Lost More Than 1,200 Congregations in 2022

The primary reason congregations are no longer considered active Southern Baptist congregations is that they cease to exist.

Could the Rise of the Nones Be Over?

Some research organizations have seen a leveling off of the growth in religiously unaffiliated Americans.

Who Makes Your Church’s Budget?

Pastors indicate more variety in who is involved in creating their church’s budget. Most say the trustees or church board (77%), the treasurer (69%), the pastor (61%) and a finance or stewardship committee (58%) are involved in creating the budget.

Right on Target

Women’s ministry can be seen as a program. In some churches, it may include several programs. Until recently, little research had been done on how churches conduct women’s ministry and the impact it’s having on women.

U.S. Christians Support Solution to Conflict that Benefits Israel and Palestinians

Most American Christians (88%) say Israelis have the right to determine their own statehood and government. Around 3 in 4 (76%) say the same about the Palestinians’ governance.

Pastors Planning Several Christmas Events Churchgoers Say They Enjoy

Churchgoers say they enjoy going to an average of four church-led Christmas events from a list of potential events.