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5 Steps to Leading the Kaizen Way

Comfort is the enemy of the church, and Kaizen opposes it.

4 Ways to Successfully Lead Through Adversity

Disagreements in years past would have been kept inside the church, but with the advent of social media, negative feelings spread like wildfire to a broader audience. While leaders cannot control what others say, they can control how they react.

Are You Asking These Questions When Embarking on Change?

The church is highly relational, and we sometimes evaluate the effectiveness of a ministry by asking if everyone is happy, not is anyone changing and growing?

When Your Church Is Resisting Change

The future is uncharted territory, but we walk forward into it whether we like it or not. Believers have a Lord who dwells in the future as well as the present. We can go confidently into “that good night,” as one put it. “He leadeth me in paths of righteousness.”

Become a No-Turning-Back Leader

Change is creating a new story. Change is challenging how things have always been done within the power structure established over time within the inner workings of the church.

How to Handle Resistance to Change as a New Pastor

The default setting to change something is only natural for a good leader. Having a vision means being dissatisfied with the status quo.

7 Tips on Tackling the Unknowns in Leadership

Communication is always important, but especially during times of unrest, confusion or chaos. When times are uncertain people become frustrated. They need to know what’s happening and what is being done to improve the situation.