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I Was Leading a Church, and I was Foolish

I isolated myself too much from staff and people in the church. I didn’t make myself visible enough.

21 Nuggets of Wisdom From Trial and (Lots of) Error

Preachers, Bible teachers, and those who work with youth and children will not know until they get to Glory how God has used them.

Leadership Lessons from Charles Stanley

Millions of people around the world were impacted by Dr. Stanley and learned from him over the course of his 60-plus years of ministry. We learned through his preaching and teaching.

7 Pivotal Insights for Church Planters

When I was a new church planter, we ran from anyone who had any church affiliation. They weren’t our target. We didn’t want to offend other churches. In doing so, we robbed ourselves of potential leaders and kept some people from following the ministry God had laid on their heart.

7 Vital Lessons Leadership Has Taught Me

When we put our pride aside and truly value those around us and who we work with, we are able to then respect what each person brings to our team.

30 Leadership Lessons

If I could go back in time, what would I tell that young church planter in 1992? What things didn’t I know then, and what things did I commit to then that I’ve found were well worth the commitment?

What David Can Teach Us About Leadership

Notice David had a vision. He had a word from God, but this was a bigger request than David and his men probably felt capable of doing. They were still a young army.