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Silenced: What I Learned About Leadership When I Lost My Voice

We have the One who can patiently lead us forward, restoring the damaged places, healing the broken pieces, giving us a new way to live.

Jo Saxton: Ready to Rise

Own Your Voices, Gather Your Community, Step Into Your Influence (WaterBrook)

The Benefits of Healthy Professional Peer Relationships

Create the culture you want to see.

Equality, Justice, Civility – Look Inside the Jan/Feb 2018 Issue

Equality, Justice, Civility—featuring the Outreach Interview with Bryan Loritts; Race and the Gospel; Healing History; Jo Saxton and much more

Jo Saxton: You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

There's a strong movement of women who desire to lead in the church today, but are we equipping them to embrace their calling?

Jo Saxton: Leading by Listening—Part 1

The Church’s Role in Healing Broken Identities and Overcoming Injustice

Jo Saxton: Leading Beyond Brokenness—Part 2

"Salt Doesn't Have Any Impact Until It's Interacting With Something. What Flavor Can the Church Bring Out?"

Jo Saxton: Launching Women Into Missional Leadership

“For women who feel called to ministry in the context of church, I want to be sure we are giving them an opportunity to grow and try and fail and succeed.”