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How Can We Overcome Our Fear of Evangelism?

We overcome our fear of evangelism, not by trying harder, but by cultivating a deeper love for Christ.

The Greatest Apologetic

God's love, forgiveness and acceptance is a powerful apologetic that can get past any barrier.

3 Perfect Opportunities to Share Your Faith

Stay alert to these three contexts that are ideal for evangelism.

How Do You Get a Fairy Tale Marriage?

Fairy tale love stories don't just happen; what we put into marriage is, in a very real way, precisely what we get out of it.

Naked and Unashamed

Jerry and Claudia Root and Jeremy Rios: A Guide to the Necessary Work of Christian Marriage

What Is the Role of Apologetics in Evangelism?

Christians have used apologetics to support faith throughout the history of Christianity, but what is the greatest apologetic?

Share Your Faith Like C.S. Lewis

Though C. S. Lewis didn't consider himself a theologian or evangelist, he sought to persuade others of the truth of the gospel through his writing.

Pointing People to Jesus Offers Rest

The problem was—and is—that not enough laborers are willing to recognize that hearts will remain restless until they find their rest in God, and to point them to Jesus.