Naked and Unashamed

Naked and Unashamed
A Guide to the Necessary Work of Christian Marriage (Paraclete Press, 2018)

WHO: Jerry and Claudia Root, who are both professors at Wheaton College, and Jeremy Rios, who worked in premarital counseling.

THE SAY: “Beginning marriage with a commitment to forgive and to be forgiven can be nearly as powerful and liberating as the cross from which it is modeled.”

THE BIG IDEA: Based on the idea that marriage is hard but educated marriages stand a better chance, this book equips readers with the skills necessary to prepare for and maintain a Christian marriage.

The authors believe that those entering a marriage need to “undress” or make themselves fully visible to their partner. Part 1, “Undressing for Intimacy,” explores the areas of the self one needs to make vulnerable in marriage.
Part 2, “Unpacking Communication,” tackles the thorny issue of how we communicated and the power of words. Next, Part 3, “Exploring Expectations,” looks at the issues of family, culture, parenthood and finances and how they can influence a marriage.
“Undressing for Sex,” which is Part 4, is an honest discussion about this important aspect of marriage while Part 5, “Final Words,” discusses the writing of the book

“Great marriages present themselves to the outward eye as images of simplicity and beauty, but behind them lies an ongoing work, as well as an entire toolshed of skills and knowhow. Great marriages, like great gardens, never just happen.”

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