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"The longer you're in ministry, the more discipline it takes to continue to be a growing person."


When I think about important work habits, I consider the things that help me be successful. Journaling is very important, as it allows me to empty my mind of those things that cause me to worry and stress. Journaling also allows me to think through situations, process things and be reminded of what God is teaching me.

Exercise is also important, because it gets the endorphins going and helps you feel good about yourself. It helps improve your health and allows you to think clearly, as well.

Getting an early start works best for me. I enjoy feeling that sense of quietness and stillness before the busyness of the day starts. Reading is also important, as it keeps your intellect and your brain going, allowing you to learn new concepts and adapt new thoughts.

Conferences are also very helpful. The longer you’re in ministry, the more discipline it takes to continue to be a growing person. It seems like every book you read or conference you go to, there’s at least 60-70 percent you’ve already heard, so to get that other 30-40 percent requires intentionality in order to stay mentally engaged and get the pearl of wisdom at the conference.

Relationships and meetings are crucial as well. Most people don’t enjoy going to meetings, but if we are secure and the goal of the meeting is to achieve the best idea, then these can be hugely important for the success of the organization and each individual.

Lastly, and perhaps most important, is prayer. It’s a powerful way to quiet yourself before God, hear from him and be able to approach him. It gives you a sense of confidence. God says he hears and answers our prayers, so praying provides a sense of comfort and confidence that allows you to take on the most challenging aspects of ministry.

From Outreach Magazine  Timothy Keller: Christian Ethics and Political Engagement

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