Try This: 4 Ideas for Summer Youth Ministry

Teens may have aged out of VBS, but keep them involved in church over summer break.

Summer often provides freedom in teenagers’ calendars. Use this opportunity to hang out with them. Let your volunteers know this is priority for the summer. One-on-one time helps you build relationships with teenagers who don’t know Jesus, opening doors to spiritual conversations. It also helps you disciple believers, drawing them closer to Jesus.

Take them to the beach for the day. It doesn’t have to be an official youth group beach trip. Actually, the smaller the group, the deeper the conversations.

Go on a hike or a bike ride. This is a great escape from entertainment media and a great setting—God’s creation.

Take them shopping somewhere unique. Drive to a huge mall several hours away. It’s amazing the conversations you’ll have while shopping for shoes or sharing mediocre nachos in a food court.

Go to one of the fun summer movie releases. But don’t just see a film, go for food afterward and dialogue about what you saw.

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From Outreach Magazine  Media Team: A Great Way to Get Teens Involved in VBS