Donate to Charity for Every Connection Card Turned In

Idea Starter: Encourage first-time visitors to turn in connection cards by donating to charity for each submitted card.

Offer Interest- and Background-Based Small Groups

Idea Starter: The Church on the Way connects members with groups based on topic, season, ethnicity, formation and even homelessness.

Try This: Speak a Common Language

Your website should be written in language even non-Christians can understand.

How to Really Be a Church Where All Are Welcome

Lead Pastor Jim Burgen shares how to get people to relax and stay to figure out their relationship with God

Idea: 3 Ways to Use Apps

Use apps to grow your church and retain members.

Idea: Get an Entire Community to Value a Local Church

How Harvest Church in Billings, Mont., makes the church a much-loved fixture among the unchurched in its community

Idea: Reach Families Affected by Mental Illness

How Community of Grace Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Neb., effectively helps and loves families affected by mental illness.

Plug First-Time Guests Into the Church Immediately After the Service

Experience Life Church helps first-time guests evaluate where they are on their faith journey immediately.

Idea Starter: Home-Based Small Groups Reach Out to Neighbors and Friends

How One Church Does It: EastLake Church asks group leaders to open groups to acquaintances to connect them to church.

Allow Volunteers to Shadow Mentors Before They Commit to a Ministry

Living Stones Church matches its members to service that fits their interests.