Tag: God's will

Following a Dangerous (But Good) God

Jesus never promised us safety if we follow him, but his will is good.

Capturing God’s Vision for Your Church

Inside every local church is a vision that God has for it. The question that must be asked is, will we follow it?

God’s Will: How Others Have Found It

Don’t lean only on a spiritual gifts inventory. No inventory is enough to help us know how God wants to use us. It’s only one tool among many others to determine God’s will.

Why Do I Imprison Myself When Searching for God’s Will?

I was taught you could miss God's perfect will for your life and live in his “permissive will.” Holy smokes. I put myself in Gideon's class—not a bad association—and was putting out fleece so that God would clearly lead me.

To Join God’s Mission You Have to Listen

"If we truly believe God’s activity is greater than ours, then we have to take steps to seek his will."

How to Unlock Your Leadership Potential

9 self-assessment questions

Does God Really Need Us?

How do we fit into God's plan?

How to Find Your Place in the Mission of God

Five steps to find your role