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How to Welcome Guests, Without Going Overboard

No two visitors agree on how a faithful church should welcome guests.

Do Guests Notice the Little Things?

I felt I needed more buy-in from them in helping to lead the church. They were a great group of people who were passionate about reaching the lost, but they had begun to neglect some of the little things to keep a church operating.

3 Tips to Engage Visitors

The first time someone visits your church, the primary decision they’re evaluating is whether or not they’re going to return the following weekend.

Develop Community Rather Than Just Collect Information

Before a guest enters the church, the church should think of ways to connect with them beyond a one-time visit to a service.

Creating a Positive Guest Experience

Ensure the message the church shares on its website, social media pages, and in-person equals the experience guests will encounter when they arrive.

Parking Lot Volunteers Set the Tone

Remember that we live in an 8 second world, and first impressions are critical. In that context, whether you have one person or a multi-person team helping in the parking lot, they’re the first contact new visitors will receive.

Winning the New and Old Front Doors

Nine times out of 10, guests will not just show up unsure of what to expect because they will have reviewed the church's website and social media pages looking for the flavor of your local church.

Battling Familiarity in Your Church

Has your church become so comfortable in the familiar that it misses what guests are experiencing? Guests will break through the confines of the comfortable and see Christ, or they will see the church stuck in the familiar and never return.