core issues

The 5 Most Pressing Issues Churches Are Facing Today

Do you recognize any (or all) of these core issues in your ministry?

5 Signs You’re A Lone Ranger Leader

Are you afraid to surrender control of projects to your team? You might be a Lone Ranger leader. Here are other signs.
unconfessed sin

How Unconfessed Sin Poisons Your Heart for God

Lessons Learned From the Fall of David

A Different Kind of Leadership for a Different Kind of Kingdom

We run into trouble when we conflate the power of the cross and the power of this world.
6 Reasons America's Top Evangelism Churches Are Reaching the Unchurched

6 Reasons America’s Top Evangelism Churches Are Reaching the Unchurched

“If you want to see more people coming to Christ, the answer is not just finding the silver-bullet program.”

4 Examples of Successful Pastoral Transitions

"Because pastoral transition can be difficult, I want to share some examples of how others have navigated transition well."

Crafting Biblical, Engaging Messages for Students: 3 Essentials

"Our teaching and lessons should give students some level of relief and inspire them to trust in God."

Rethinking Church

More and more churches are embracing a new metric of success that prioritizes sending over gathering and accumulating.

Hurricane Harvey: Here Are Some Practical Ways You Can Help Right Now

"Whatever God calls us to do, we can be sure of one thing: He isn’t calling us to do nothing."

How to Find Your Purpose

If someone asked you what your purpose is in life, how would you respond?