Reflections at 50 on God’s Faithfulness

Looking back on what God has done in my life and ministry

Join the ‘Year of the Bible’ Movement

Leaders are meeting at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., on March 4.

5 Things That Are Not So Wrong With the Church

"There are some trends I see that are good and positive, and deserve celebration and affirmation."

4 Tips for Creating a Healthy Culture

A healthy culture will naturally repel toxic people, and vice versa.

How You Can Fight for the Unborn

3 ways to get involved

5 Characteristics of Resilient Churches That Will Thrive After COVID

The traits of the churches that will rebuild

10 Things I’ll Do Differently After Being a Pastor

After having been a pastor for 16 years, I have a newfound understanding of what my pastor needs from me.
overcome anxiety

Keeping Anxiety in Check

3 Insights from King David

How I Marry Evangelism and Social Action

Evangelism and social action are not antithetical, but close friends.

The Secret of Frustration-Powered Leadership

I learned a great deal from these three situations when a leader taught me something despite my initial frustration.
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